The Heart of Milton: From Childhood to Maturity

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Relaying stories garnered throughout life is not at all unusual, but presenting them in poetic form is a truly unique method of telling a tale of growth, development and maturity. The author has been chronicling his life story in poetry form and reflections since childhood and has done a brilliant job of detailing inner thoughts and personal history into a wonderfully written collection.

With heartwarming sections covering multiple stages of life, such as “forever love,” detailing the author’s life with his wife and their life together, to parents and children, a strong faith, love of country and a summary of other life passions, his poetry speaks strongly and compassionately about human emotion, life’s journeys and a longing for times long since passed. The poetry is compelling, colorful and beautifully written. One can actually visualize surroundings as they were elegantly described and experience feelings the author must have had during the writing of each verse and poem.


About Milton Joseph Batson

Born in St. Stephens, New Brunswick, Mr. Batson was raised between Eastport, Maine, a small island community where he enjoyed a Huckleberry Finn type lifestyle, roaming on frequent adventures with his best friend Paul Thompson, and on Campobello Island, where his father was a friend of Franklin Roosevelt. Milton enjoys occasionally returning to Eastport for the Fourth of July celebration, which he says feels like going back to early 1900s America.



I entered our abode to be with my sweetheart,
To be filled with the spirit of miraculous love.
By candlelight, our spirits flowed to lovers’ music
And we were as one, our hearts overflowing.
What could I say to express my love?
Only the tears that fell on my cheeks


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